Monday 29 February 2016

Gas-Whisps (AB/32)

older than me by a road

This computer screen is filthy and I have nothing with which to clean it. There are black specks of non-specific origin alongside glutinous blobs of uncertain pedigree. It’s a disgrace.

But, it’s all I have.

The window where I am sitting is thankfully clean even though the airport has done its best to obstruct my view of the runway with girders and metal bars that are probably unnecessary.

There is one plane waiting; I suspect that the plane is complete though I can only see its tail, and after that the only sign of life is a blue glow emanating from the signalling lights.

I am alone.


I am older.

This is the first time I have sat here this year; I think though with age there are many memories that are but mere whisps-of-gas.

They probably end their brief existence as glutinous globs on a computer screen somewhere.


Mary said...

I awoke from a bed where I was sleeping
Into a day that was made for LEAPING
So I will seize this day
In an UN-usual way.
This 29th, this extra day
which keeps the 1st of March at bay.

Slog 'n blog, work 'n worry
Waste today, you'll be sorry.

Stroke the cat, walk the dog
Stroll the beach, enjoy a jog.

And jump, and dance, and soar
And leap, and leap some more.

Carpe Leaping Diem!

Mary xo

popps said...

That's telling me! :-)
ps - you are wasted on this blog Mary you deserve a much wider audience!

Mary said...

It was a wish to All sent with affection.

To quote a great line from a Bette Davis movie:

"Why shoot for the moon, when you already have the stars?".


popps said...

i think the 'all' might be elsewhere , but here it were finely appreciated.