Wednesday 3 February 2016

Modus Operandi -The Archive Backlog 15

writing on the wall, london 2016

How should one do this?

I don’t know; are there rules?

I write ahead.

So far I have fourteen posts for next (2016) year.

Last year I would have said these are the archives and would have paid a visit.

This year (2015) I’m having an extended conversation with myself but won't - though you will not read this to next year which will, by then, be this year and last year will be the year before.

I hope that’s clear.

This is the fifteenth.

Some were written in January, some in April. Some talk of the beginning of a new year and should be there at the beginning, others speak of Spring and should take their turn as the days lengthen.

But they probably won’t, fifteen won’t fill more than half of the first month.

So they will seem muddled and mixed.

As most of the blog probably does.

And yet there is a logic, I see what is not there perhaps.. but to me is.

The beginning was gentle, a soft touch a whisper.

It grew, it took shape, it recognised shape and then tried  to subvert shape.

It still does.

It found a voice, it was heard, it found another voice.

The first spoke to the second, the second giggled softly, the first grew brave and spoke some more, the second fell silent.

The first voice faltered, turned within and found only emptiness.

The emptiness had a voice to and spoke up.

Sometimes in riddle.

Sometimes in rhyme.

It’s all still here.

Except the one that fell silent.


Reader at West London said...

speaking in tongues x

popps said...

spanish is the loving tongue
soft as music
light as rain.....