Sunday 3 January 2016

Noelwd Bagnidnendiinnggs.

not the first time for this moss gatherer

New olds, old news. New endings and old beginnings.

This year is old, not yet new. It’s good to let the house settle alone tonight, the mountains seem a good place to start anew.

Wash out last year.

Soak in the new.

But I’ll sleep in-between by this bridge.

Fall asleep to the mountain stream.

Wake to first light, swim again and go home.

The house will be ready then, made its peace with the past and I’ll open the door to new hope.

Last year as well as being a new old I had a new beginning.

On  a happier note – the beginningandenderooni. 

And finally?

editorial note - originally published in the shadows of New Year's Eve.

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