Saturday 2 January 2016

New Day a -dawning

so far/sulphur

Why am I singing this song?

In the early morning rain….

It’s not raining.

Seven dollars in my hand…

I have a bit more; twenty I think.

And an aching in my heart….


Probably that.

I suppose it COULD be because I spoke Spanish earlier.

Or maybe a reflective mood has been brought on by an early morning meditative soak.

But, no.

And my pockets full of sand…


I’ve a long way to go….

Two and a half hours, two if I don’t stop.

Why would I stop?

It’s New year’s Day, no where will be selling good coffee; I have some in the house.

And I miss my love one so…


In the Early Morning Rain….

It’s NOT raining!

With nowhere to go.

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