Friday 4 December 2015

The BsnBs Musical Christmas Advent calendar Thingy 2015 (four)

Er... i think you might have made a mistake here.

How so?

Well this song - Spring.


Well, this is - let me remind you - a Musical CHRISTMAS Thingy and here you are dropping in a song called Spring.

Listen again, it talks about Winter too and the Thingy always moves through a few wintery gears before it gets to the christmassy bit. Besides, i thought it was a nice example of the modus operandi that you were asking about just now. (editorial note t).

How so? My turn to ask.

Well, it's late October - very late in fact, can't get much later without going Wooooooooo!



Ah..... and ?

So, saturday morning and i'm doing my yoga stretches, the sun is streaming in through the open door, the hot winds of the Sahara blowing and i'm listening to my playlist g -  getting very nostalgic - and i'm thinking about..... well, stuff and this song slips on.

What sort of stuff?

Stuff stuff.


It doesn't go away you know. Anyway, i heard the line - 'Winter is a curtain' and i thought - THAT should be in the Thingy!

And so it is!


Mary said...

Totally agree - this song is more Winter than it is Spring. This is the kind of music they play in the Maritime Provinces -- Cape Breton or Newfoundland, most likely -- in the cold months -- an Irish stew, a little Screech, and a lot of fiddling.

Thanks for this.


popps said...

hello Mary, glad you popped in.
New-found-land - that sounds like the place to be.
in fact i'd like to find it!