Sunday 6 December 2015

The BsnBs Christmas Musical Advent Calendar Thingy (six)

You know what? The hardest part of the Bitsnbob’s Christmas Musical Advent Calendar thingy – apart from remembering if it’s Christmas Musical or Musical Christmas – is day number six.

Why’s that?

Everything starts with a reckless abandon and a flurry of choices that pretty much choose themselves. Then reality checks in.


Voices in the head.



With what mockest they?

“You can’t do it.”

Something we should have thought about before we started.

Something we had – and with that initial flurry of reckless abandon the first five posts were written and in the bag.


But then the mocking voices start up a chant of “you can’t do it and NOW your committed” and we are danger of loosing focus anyway as we’ve got to the point where “Christmassy” is a mute point. We need something and we need something strong – something that will pull all the disintegrating energy back into sharp yuletide focus.

Can’t we just abandon?

Loss of Christmas face thingy.

What does one do?


Then what?

Panic a bit more!

I know you – you’ve done that bit… then what?

Grope around in you-tube for a long time hoping to turn something up.

Did you?

Grope? Or turn up?


I prayed.


I found some stuff – but nothing that said ‘me!me!me!’

This is terrible.

It’s the creative impasse.

How do we get out?

Shovels help – failing that yoga and a lot of stretching.

How come?

I stretch to music.


By chance – maybe a divine intervention – this ditty came up on my playlist.


I stretched away, I heard the word snow and the rest is pretty much explained in everything we’ve just said.

So from now on it will be a piece of cake?

Ah……, now… number seven’s where it gets REALLY hard.

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