Saturday, 17 October 2015

The Table.

the leaf

Where are you?

At the table outside.

What’s on the table?

An empty mug of tea - so a mug of no tea - this laptop, my glasses case, four opened letters, an empty bowl formerly holding muesli, a black biro and a freshly sucked dry pomegranate.

What can you see from the table?

Blue sky, the colours and fall of autumn, flowering fuchsias and cosmos, a red rose, airplane trails and a cat.

What can you hear from the table?

A fly? It might be a bee… it’s a bee, it’s just visited the cosmos….. a dog (far off), birds, voices, a distant car…

What can you smell from the table?

Roasting coffee. Weird. There’s no explanation.

Wishful thinking?

No, I fancy another pomegranate.

Is there one?

There is, but I will have to move to get it.

And you don’t want to move.


What’s the table made of?

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