Saturday, 10 October 2015

Chorizo and Tornado.

and then there were three

To be honest I’d rather be doing that (editorial note t) than this.

What d’ya mean?

What I am having to do in my day to day living is so, SO much harder than my time in the B.H.of E.

The black hole of eastbourne?

It merits capitals.

How can you say that?

Well, I start with the word “it”, then m…

No, I mean how can you say that this is worse?

Not THIS (editorial note t) this, but my life in general – sorting out the stuff I’m trying to sort out here is so much harder than sorting out boxes of acrylic jumpers.

Give me one example.

Ok, finished work at 5.15 and drove the car, which has been smashed up in my absence and has two windows that aren’t there anymore.

Not so bad, you like driving with the window open.

And it WAS very sunny.

A summer’s eve.

I got to the station and waited for the 5.40 train, no one got off that I knew.

Were you just loitering and hoping or were you expecting someone?

Rumour had it that parts of my family were about to appear.

Did they?

Part of the parts  - on the 5.58 train that was 15 minutes late.

Partly successful then.

Except the parts that were there were the parts that were meant to have arrived secondly at the starting point so the absence of the other parts was worrying and only partly explained by the serious lateness of a plane bringing them from Majorca.

I would have gone for a drink.

I did. Three. And a HUGE plate of chorizo, hams and cheese.


A bit.

Why so much?

The other parts arrived at the other end of the train line but there were no trains until ages later.

What time did they arrive?


Five hours after you had arrived?


So now it was raining.

With a hurricane.

The car was wet.

It got wetter.

You got wet in Eastbourne.

I got wetter here.

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