Saturday, 3 October 2015

3 in 3 on 3. 4 The Lady.

full blood, albeit eclipsed

There’s a man on his knees, scraping the factory floor.

Why is he scraping the factory floor?

It is covered in wax – the accumulation of years of grime and drips – and he wants the floor to be clean so that he can install the machine he has made.

Is this a candle factory?

It is. The man builds machines that help that process; his machine is new but the factory floor is old. There is a woman watching him.

Why is she there?

She is a refugee from the refugee centre, she has been here three years already and at the centre she cries too much.

So she slipped out?

She has to return tonight but she can not stay there during he day, it is killing her.

So she works in the candle factory?

In the morning she delivers papers – she starts at five - she enters the factory at eight and she works in a bar in the evening.

It’s a long day.

She only returns to the refugee centre when she is so tired that she no longer needs to think and all she can do is sleep.

Why is she looking at the man?

She thinks he is cute.

Is he?

Does it matter? She says he is, but she doesn’t tell him. But when she goes to the centre in the evening her sleep is one of orgasmic dream.

She should talk to him.

He talks to her; he has noticed her watching.

What does she say?

Keep away from me; I am trouble.

Does he?

Would you?

I think he marries her.

It is not easy, neither of them are in their country.

They could go home.

He can, she is unable to.


It doesn't exist anymore.

He could take her home to his.

She has no papers, they will not let her pass.

Does this have a happy ending?

Do you think it should,? Life sometimes only offers endings. Neither happy, or sad.

If it's not happy, it must be sad.

You are too black and white, life has a lot of grey.

Do they marry?

He goes home alone and visits the priest. He convinces the priest to marry them. The priest says bring her here. The man explains that she has no papers and that they will not let her cross the border.

What does the priest say?

"You will find a way."

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