Thursday, 13 August 2015

The Desk - A Horror story, the penultimate part (10)

i don't think we're in Kansas any more..


.......There’s a book here with........ hang on, YES! I shifted the 5 cent piece!

There goes our multi-millionaire future. What did you use? The book?

The cat’s bum.

Ah yes, the back legs must be here somewhere, we can reunite front and rear.

The book has some turned over corners, that usually means that there’s a quote you want to quote.

Let’s quote!

‘The feel of her hand has never left me. It was different from any other hand I’d ever held, different from any touch I’ve ever known. …….. those fingers and that palm were like a display case crammed full of everything I wanted to know –and everything I HAD to know. By taking my hand, she showed me what those things were. That within the real world a place like this existed. In the space of those 10 seconds I became a tiny bird, fluttering into the air, the wind rushing by. From high in the sky I could see a scene far away. It was so far off I couldn’t make it out clearly, yet something was there and I knew that some day I would travel to that place. This revelation made me catch my breath and made my chest tremble’

Probably even nicer in its original Japanese.

 Quote on!

‘I sat down and closed my eyes. Echos of music faded away, leaving me alone. In that gentle darkness, the rain continued to fall without a sound’.

She has just left hasn’t she? And he goes back in the bar and looks at her lipstick stains on the glass.

Yep. End Of chapter 8.

Quote on!

‘I looked into her eyes….’

Dangerous, always dangerous.

‘They were like a deep spring in the shade of cliffs, which no breeze could ever reach. Nothing moved there, everything was still.’


Dangerous waiting.


‘Before long, all the sounds around me all faded into the distance, as if the tide had gone out. Only she and I remained.’


South of The Border, West of The Sun.

What are you going to do with it?

I think I’ll put it in the swap cupboard down in the village, with all the tourists someone will like it and I might even find something.


Er, no.

So where to put it?

On the bookshelves.

If you can find room........


Mary said...

Mission accomplished!

Wish I had such a good team to help me through my office cupboard and boxes so that I could organize all of my files and to find all kinds of memorabilia that I have lost track of.

You can hire people to help you do it here but it's not the same because all they want you to do is to chuck stuff out. I have to keep my business files for legal reasons and I don't especially want to get rid of my special things, I just want to be able to know where they are.

Anyway, well done!


popps said...

Well... it was just the desk... the rest of the place is ..!!!!!
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