Friday, 14 August 2015

The Desk - A Horror story in 11 parts. (11)

this way comes


(part nine)
(part ten)

I put the book we just found on top of the copy of Twingo, and I found my copy of Auster’s Winter Journal so I put that in my bag – I’ve promised to lend it to a client for their holiday.

Nice of you.

All part of the service....

...A shell.

A bottle top. The bottle top goes outside with the pile on the terrace that might be a project.

Might be?

Well the cat, the new kid on the block, has dug up all the rotten wood that was part of my previous design and now… well, I might get round to it.

Where’s your cement mixer?

Fortunately not on this desk, Martin has it. Has had it for years in fact.

You’ll need it for your bottle top design. The shell, that should go…, er, next to the Umbrella Pine seeds.

Excellent, now this is a sketch of a post that I haven’t written yet but which is intended to appear next year. If I put it in my book of interesting things I might forget to, can I leave it here?

Put it there with the cheque. I just stuck the quote from Shakespeare that you are trying to learn, onto the noticeboard and Gary’s business card fell down.

I’ve put it back.

We make a great team.

Hang on!!! What’s that?!!?

The desk!!!!!

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