Thursday, 6 August 2015

The Desk - A Horror story in 11 parts (3)

a dead end?

(part one) 
(part two)

Do we need this programme for the open-air cinema?

Well, I want to go next week.

What’s on?


Haven’t you seen it?

Loads of times, but it’s my favourite and open air on a summer’s night….. oh, can’t miss it. Last time was too long ago. (Editorial note T).

Look! This is a disgrace! This 5 cent piece is actually stuck to the desk! I can’t move it!

That’s a shame; if you could we could put it into this purse. Do we need this empty pen-interior?

Probably not, hang on.. let me see if I can move the 5 cent piece with it…

It’s stuck really well.

If we knew what substance was responsible we could package and market it as a super-super glue.

And become millionaires.

And buy a new desk!.......

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