Monday, 17 August 2015

Really not a place to be (The Swamp).


Are you still in the swamp?

No, I got out.

What happened?

I walked a long way in the rain.

It WAS an amazing storm.

The sky was like an angry witch.

Then what?

Settled you into a warm dry guest house, and went back out into the storm.

You certainly know how to treat a lady.

Since when have you been a lady?

I can be anything.

You can be a right royal…

Come come; no need….tell me what happened next

I walked to the garage and said “I got surprised by the rain and now I’m stuck could they help”.

What did they say?

They asked me where.

And you said?

On the beach.

And they said?

Past the sign that says ‘if you drive past this sign you are an idiot and deserve anything that happens to you’?

And you said?


And he said?

‘If I can get you out it’ll cost you a hundred.’

Did he?



He tried – pulled, tugged, backward, sideward, waded into the swamp, and finally got us more stuck.

What did he say?

‘This’ll cost you more than a hundred’ and we drove back across the watery sand to town.

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