Saturday, 18 July 2015

An Angel drinking plonk.

a dose of

Time to wrap up this A-Z interlude in which we started with an old post (Editorial note T), you added a challenge element (Editorial note T), the concept of popping was introduced (editorial not t) and we discovered the Blog’s lack of interest in Marmalade (Editorial note T).

Not before time eh?

Things can drag.

I wonder…., no , never mind.

Best not to go there!

Where Angel’s fear to tread?


So… what’s it to be Zabaglione? Zebra? Zinfandel? (Editorial note T) Or… Zillion!

Ha! I told you I had a surprise up my sleeve.

Ok, - surprise me.

Zulu-todaloos!! I BET that doesn't figure on the Blog!

What would be the chance eh? Check out the comments! (Editorial note T).


London Joe said...

Zulu todaloo. A Marc Bolan B side, surely?

London Joe said...

Now, this could be a similar situation to the one with car number plates. In 1962 the ended with A right up to about 1982 (?) when they had to start the alphabet again, but with a variation (the A at the start of the number plate)
Quo vadis, Toppe? Mintrigued, I yam

popps said...

Marc Bolan?!!
It was YOU!