Friday, 17 July 2015

A Zillion Reprimands.

stop me...

Have you realised that there is a big difference between ‘thinking’ and ‘popping’?

Popping as in hip and hop or as in ‘it popped into my head’?

The latter.

I can’t say I have and clearly this is serious enough of an omission on my part for me to be reprimanded.

Consider yourself reprimanded.

Thank you sir, and perhaps you could educate me whilst you’re at it.

Well, this letter Y – I’ve had a lot of THOUGHTS about it, Yank for example – is there a Yank on the blog.

Not in the way you are suggesting but there is a yank here. (Editorial note T)

That’s not at all in the way I was thinking, but then again it was ‘thinking’ I really want something to ‘pop’ into my head without prior thought.

Perhaps as we natter together this balmy summer’s day, something will.

Balmy! I’m suffocating; the temperature is in the zillions.

That’s a Z, but very close – you were almost lucky there.

Does zillion feature?

You will have to ask me tomorrow - as that is when we shall surely tie up this wondrous romp through the alphabet as we try to update an old post (Editorial note tT in a refreshing and erudite way.

I will! Don’t you worry, but I might have something up my sleeve!

I expect little less!


Anything popped?

Yolanda. Is she in your blog?

Most certainly! (Editorial note T) but names have been changed to protect the less than innocent.

It doesn't say Yolanda.

Just because it doesn't say her name it doesn't mean she wasn't.

Or did you conveniently forget?

Time fades many things, not least the memory.


THAT begins with a Y!!!

And it just popped!

AND it doesn’t feature in the blog.

Ah Ha!! So…. What’s the score?

Six for you, nineteen for me and one to play for.

Winner takes all?

I AM winning.

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