Tuesday, 9 June 2015

So far, so.....?


Describe your day so far.

You describe YOURS.

Woke up, started asking YOU questions.

That’s it?

Well, more ore less...... woke up, thought about stuff THEN started asking you questions.

What sort of stuff?

Ireland, Scotland, a written e-mail, and unwritten e-mail, Venice… a rag bag of stuff.

I woke up too.


Got up, went to the house, made a drink of hot water and lemon and took it back to bed, drank and read.

Good book?

Not sure yet, maybe not, almost abandoned it twice though I have read one of the author’s that I really enjoyed. (editorial note t)


Got up again, watched the fox in the meadow until he ran off, then got dressed and went to the village to post the letter saying that it wasn’t me that was driving too fast when the speed camera clicked.

Who was it?

Family member.


A non-specific family member.

What then?

Went for a run along the river, listening to the ducks, frogs and water.

How far?





Drove home, ate my muesli and two crumpets with tahini and cheese.


I was hungry.

That it?

So far.

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