Monday, 18 May 2015

Day Break.


How did your day begin.

Ok , I guess.

No, I mean how? The details.

Really? Well, er, I woke up.

Look at the clock?


What time was it?

Eight not nine.

Did you get up?

Yep, picked up my book and memory card.

YOU have a memory card!? What is it, like a chip that you slot in your head?

No, it’s my camera’s memory card.

Oh, I see, which book?

Murakami’s – South of the Border, West of the Sun.

That’s the one you took with you to London on the ‘mighst’ trip, I believe.

You believe correctly.

Then what did you do.

Climbed down stairs, the stairs are a ladder, picked up my phone, went to the bathroom  and splashed hands and face .

Hot or cold water?

Cold – then took bucket of bird food, opened the door and went into the garden.

Bare foot?

Slip on sandals, undone.

Feed the birds?

Tuppence a bag,….. but I stopped and watched the red squirrel who hadn’t seen me and which was eating the fallen sunflower seeds from the birds feeder.


Cute. Then I hung up bird feed in different trees, on the washing line and opened the back of the van to air it. I need to be sleeping in there, tis time.


Very, very, very almost. Then I went back to the house and cut a lemon and squeezed half of it, boiled some water in the kettle and made a morning lemon drink.


Then wrote this.

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