Tuesday, 19 May 2015

All Falls at the Falls.

hope not

Hey, there’s someone on the phone for….er, what do I call you?


Ok there’s someone on the phone for… hang on, what do you call me?


Too confusing.


I like it. There’s someone on the phone for you.

Thanks him, who is it?



No Bob from The Archives. (editorial note t)

Hi Bob, how are you? By the way, i'm recording you in blue so we don't get confused.

Fit and healthy thank you, but I’m worried about Miskiva, I haven’t heard from her for a month and I think she’s dead.

Oooh, calm down, there are  people I haven’t heard from for a couple of years but I don’t think they’re dead.

Maybe you should?

My life would be impossible; anyhow, I check secretly that they are. Now, why do you think Miskiva's dead?

She went into the bitty back of the waterfall a month ago and there hasn’t been a squeak.

Hang on, the waterfall – remind me.

Ok, so are we talking one Miskiva here or two, and … why are you worried? The archives can reduce the squeak in someone.

I thought she might be hungry, so I took her a piece of Torte.


Torte. Cake.

Maybe she’s Hungarian; did you ever find out what language she was speaking?


Swahili!? Is she from, er, Swahililand? *


How do you know?

I asked her, in Swahili.

I thought you were Scottish; how do you say ‘are you from Swahililand’ in Swahili?

Wewe ni kutoka swahililand ? Something like that.

What did she say ?

Hapana, lakini mimi nina kujifunza swahili.

What does that mean ?


Why did you ask her in swahili in the first place?

I was trying it in every language, I proceeded alphabetically.

So, is she Hungarian?

I don’t know yet, i started at z.


Zapotec - I got to S when she disappeared – look I’m really worried, the tunnel at the back of the waterfall has collapsed with all the rain, I’m going to have to dig in.

Do you need any help?

Keep a video link open; I’ve got a head cam on.

What are you going to do with the Torte?

Don’t fret, I’ll send you some.

Ok, go carefully, we’re with you. Bye.



Hey, him, do we have a video link?

Hey you, what do you think?

I think no.

That’s correct.

(* somewhere )

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