Saturday, 11 April 2015

Tea shed and sandwich.

not the one

You do realise that once THIS is all said and done, we WILL have to go home?

All good things come to an end?

Home sweet home.

Home again, home again jiggity jig?

Whatever ...... you need to get back; ‘THIS’ (editorial note t) has been going on long enough.

It’ll be easy; walk to the tube, get on the tube, get off the tube, go up the escalators, walk to the bus stop, get on the bus, get off the bus and hop on a plane.

Don’t forget to go to the Taxi Shed and have a cup of tea. (editorial note x)

And a fried egg sandwich.

Oh, and take a picture of the maze at the Tube Station, you‘ll need that when you get home.

I will?

For Easter.

I’m not sure that follows but I guess that will make sense nearer the time.

Talking of time, isn’t it time to get going?


It’s where the heart is, you hang your hat and people have to take you in.

Hang on, I’m still at the Taxi Shed and I fancy a sausage sandwich too.

Ok, but hurry up; you don’t want to miss the plane.

Probably won’t, I’ve allowed a couple of hours extra.

That’s quite a bit.

I want to finish the book.

Neverwhere? (editorial note t)


You never will.

Never will, where?


At the airport?

Unlikely; more likely there.


Time to go then.

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