Monday 27 April 2015

Salt Marsh Shed.

NOT a flat

Ok; looks like we have a mini-series – Cart and Horses – the response has been unanimous.


Yep, it seems that it doesn’t matter what we do on this blog, no-one can be bothered to comment so we might as well do a Cart and Horses mini series until something else comes up. (editorial note t)

Ok. What have you got today?

Shed and fish.

Nice colours! Where is this?

Near the fisherman’s huts that in themselves are near Gruissans, a couple of ripples from the Mediterranean Sea.

A very fine place to be.

You are quoting Brian Patten I believe. (editorial note x)

I am, astute sir. Tell me more about the shed.

It’s on the edge of the salt-flats.

Was it once OF the salt-flats?


That’s what I meant.

Maybe, but it’s padlocked.

Did you want to go in?

I would have had a peek.

It might have been one of fisherman’s huts.

They are a few hundred yards distant, this shed stands alone.


Except for the salt marsh.

Salt marsh shed.


London Joe said...

Wait... a picture is forming, though not in black and white, Salt... tears... shed. So, the Walrus went to the fish restaurant and "shed" a bitter tear (yum, salty) because it was not open yet. Surely he didn't go to the beach and eat a flamingo? HP - highly probable

popps said...

Hand in hand along the sand, didn't eat any oysters though - just fish and a really tasty Roquefort Mousse -
oh and a tambourine man!

London Joe said...

Play your song for me

popps said...

Not 'tll the fat lady is over.