Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Conceptually Speechless


What do you make of that then?

I’m speechless!

Not really, you just said ‘I’m speechless’.

It’s a figure of speech.

A speechless figure of speech, that in fact, isn’t.

Fair enough, but you catch my drift.

I do… remind me what was said.

‘So, a diary.’

Hmm, and she was speaking about this blog?

She was. I’ve been thinking about her, er, i mean it..


I don’t agree. I think it’s more like a scrapbook.

I think of it as conceptual art.

That follows - you yourself are in fact a concept.

As are the archives. (editorial note t).

They exist.

They don’t.

Do, Bob looks after them, they are packed in boxes and stored in disused railway carriadges up in Scotland.

Except for those stashed up by the waterfall. (editorial note t)


The waterfall, which is also a concept.

No, it’s a real waterfall; I’ve been there.

You have?

Years ago.


I was 17.

Did the blog exist?

No, that was a concept not yet envisioned by me nor whatsitsname.


You know…  Anyway , it’s clearly more than a diary.

There’s a novel hidden in here. (editorial note t)

A collection of short stories. (editorial note t)


Yearnings. (editorial note t)

That IS a bit conceptual….

But it’s in here.

There’s philosophy too. (editorial note t)

And an answer phone. (editorial note t)

Improvisation. (editorial note t)

It’s a world!

Conceptually speaking.


Mary said...

In other words, this blog has it ALL and more!

What a world!!!!


popps said...

Everything but you!!
Until now!!!!