Monday, 13 April 2015

Around about midnight.

not only

That was stressful!

That was REALLY stressful.

Scary too.

It could have been awful.

A mess.

We were lucky.

Maybe a guardian angel?

Maybe two.

What time was it?

After midnight.

Bewitching hour.

How much had we drunk?

I don’t know, the bottle on the restaurant table was certainly empty.

She might have had the lion’s share.

Not sure, she kept filling my glass and we drank a glass before leaving the house.

Do you think the tea had anything to do with it?

The mint tea?


I don’t know, I would have thought the Police would have thought about that as a possibility.

What did he ask you?

If I had been drinking.

What did you say?

I said yes, I had some wine, though I think I conjugated the verb incorrectly.

What was that thing he pointed at you?

Never seen one before but I’m happy I didn’t have to blow in it.

What did you do then?

I had to say un/deux/trois.

What was it then, a language test?

Don’t think so, he looked serious, remember this was after midnight at the toll station on the motorway and there were about twenty of them blocking the road.

What’s your accent like?


Maybe the machine can’t cope with English accents?

That could be it.

So we passed the test?

Pas d’alcohol.

That’s a pass!

Stressful though.

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