Sunday, 18 January 2015

Religiously swimming.

also built in a day

Talking of swimming - as we were a mere moment ago - I didn’t sleep too well last night.

Oh really?, pray tell.

Hi hi, nice, ‘pray’ – keeping the religiousy theme going a little longer  along with ‘swimming’ – another wet reference to add to our stream. All in the first two lines.

Thank you, but like I said, pray tell.

Well it started on Tuesday?

Your sleep? That sounds like a pretty good sleep to me! Short of a good hibernation – which personally I think would be an excellent annual idea – that has to be pretty restful.

No, no, it was my phone.

I don’t follow.

Keep up! You see, on Tuesady - I mean Tuesday - I wanted to send a text.

Send a text! Pretty modern all of a sudden aren’t we?

I don’t send many but this one was important.  (editorial note).

Hang on , I just followed your link – you asked me to keep up – and I don’t think that explains AT ALL why sending a text on Tuesady, Tuesday, was important. People are going to read us waffling on about waffle and be completely confused.

That was an editorial note to a photo, not the text.

Hang on, text as in phone, or text as in editorial note?

Er, what?

I don’t know – let me pour a tea…….

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