Monday, 19 January 2015

Editorial confusion confusing confused editors.


Slurp, slurp, slurp…… Ah…. Ok.

What are you drinking?

It’s a special Roobios de Noel blend.

It’s not exactly Christmas any more though is it? Does it remain appropriate?

Appropriate is as appropriate should be – I think that might have been Shakespeare who said that. (NON-editorial note)

Hang on! What was that?

That was a non-editorial note.

Can we do that?

If we can do non non-ones then we can surely do non-ones.

You just called me Shirley again, it’s been ages since you last did that. (editorial note).

There – you see, an editorial note takes you to a post that substantiates in some way tht wht which just said – plese excuse the grammar there I’m having trouble with my fingers – and a non-editorizl note takes you to a post that doesn’t.

Are you going to leave it like that? Editorizl?

It looks nice.

Yeah but, whenever we use it we will have to follow it with an ‘editorial note’ just to come back here to explain it – it’s going to get messy.

You’re right, it will be non-editorial from now on.

Should we clear up the editorial-note-that-links-to-the-body-of-the-text-and-that-which-leads-to-the-photo-at-the-top-of-that-body mess while we’re at it? (editorial note)

‘Editorial note t’ and ‘editorial note p’?


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