Monday 29 December 2014

Twenty eighth, not the hundred and twentieth, question in the 2014 Quiz of the Year.

28th christmas tree, left
It’s been a long time since I did this; fly to Germany with my kids to find their mum.

The last time I had to worry about packing the right stuff, organising the food and be ready for any emergencies.

I was surprised this time though.

They are adults now, sort of.

This time I had to pack the right stuff, organise food and be ready for any emergencies.

I took a warm, fur lined jacket (with hood) to keep one of them warm; Berlin can be cold and I knew he would be dressed in t-shirt and trainers.

He refused to wear it, it got left at the airport.

That took me back – back to a time in Hamburg when he was about five and I had bought a really warm jacket that when we arrived and it was snowing he refused to wear.

He even refused to wear it when I asked the shop assistant in a really expensive Hamburg shop, with whom he was smitten, to pretend that it was one of hers.

That one got left in Hamburg.

If you find yourself at an airport and see a jacket that looks almost new yet abandoned my family have likely passed through recently.

Some things change though.

The emergencies.

Airports are not a good place to try wearing your scarf – red and white spots – in the closest fashion you can manage to look like a Palestinian terrorist and have your sister photograph you in as many interesting places in that airport as possible.

And if your passport shows that your name is the same as theirs the Police take you away too.

And then there was the issue of the fish sandwich. 

28) Yesterday's was sooooooo easy, let's get hard. 
120 what?

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