Sunday 28 December 2014

27th question , and twenty sixth answer, in the 2014 Quiz of The Year.

twenty seventh christmas tree, looks small

Today, being the Sunday after the days and nights before, SHOULD be the day you sit down and say – hey let’s tackle that there Bitsnboobs Quiz of the Year.

Should – if you want to win the grand prize ( which I remind you is bothe secret but very grand).

Should – if you want the glory and respect that winning the thing instantly  confers.

Should – if  you haven’t gone to church and are sitting there minced pie stuffed and bored.

Anywhich way – it IS a challenge.

Look at yesterdays question!

I mean how on earth are we meant to answer that?

Well – and this may help with a lot of the rest of the quiz….

A)   Go to the instructions and ascertain that the first three questions refer to 2014 January Posts, the second two to Feburary’s, the next three March and consequently yesterday’s to November’s.
B)   Realise that ice cream and film are key words.
C)   Locate one of the two ‘search this blog tools’
D)   Add the key word ice cream (‘cos it looks the most likely)
E)   Use the ‘sort by date’ feature that comes up and find a November post that talks about ice cream. (there are only two and only one talks about ice cream AND film)
F)    Try to think of whatever film I was thinking about – it is probably a film that I think everyone has seen and remembers the scene where the three guys are in a prison cell talking about ice cream.
G)   Go to you tube and put “prison cell+ice cream+you scream” in the search youtube function.
I)     Name the film.

Simple as that – read the instructionsagain to understand where you have to be put the answers again, be the first to do so and get double points! (which at this point in time will probably pretty much guarantee that you win the grand prize). (unless someone uses this technique to answer a second question).


27) What was in the unopened box of the year?


Mary said...

inside box Y - story about the market. She is eating muscat grapes and coffee and buying melons but ...

Not sure this is the answer. The quiz looks easy but there's always a twist.


popps said...

i think you might be overcomplicating!