Tuesday 2 December 2014

First Question in the 2014 Quiz of The Year.

first christmas tree



It’s a two parter….

      A)   – Was there a theme to the blog this year?
      B)    - How many people entered the Quiz of The Year last time (2013).

Easy one to start with.


Anonymous said...

1. Theme - "of the year"/"of the month"

popps said...

So clearly, with the way this quiz of the year goes i can't say whether you are right or wrong because others may still answer but IF you are right, being the first, you will get double points.
Then again - being anonymous, i'm not sure how i will know it's you again if you get another one right or wrong so you'll have to be anonymous 'one' and if you answer elsewhere in the month you should add 'one' somewhere in the comment.