Saturday 27 December 2014

26th question - and boy does it LOOK like a hard one - in the 2014 Quiz of the Year.

26th christmas tree, looks big.

It’s nighttime.

Air is damp and cold, though it’s mid-summer.


Eve is there too, though that’s not her name.

So let’s call him Adam.

Adam and Eve stand by the side of the stage and look up into the cold damp nighttime.

They don’t feel it.

One hour ago they were kissing, naked in the sweat lodge.

Maybe they are a little high too.

I don’t think there were any stars in the sky.

Just one; on the stage.

Joe Cocker.

He is no longer a young man, Adam and Eve are.

Young man and young woman respectively.

Joe is singing.

His voice is rich and strong.

It will always be thus.

His breath condenses on the night air.

Melody and rhyme take shape and are held there for all to see and hear.


26)There’s a question about a film and ice-cream – "name it?"   Can you?


Mary said...

Ans - the film is Down by Law.

Is that Tom Waits and Roberto Benigni?

That was too easy.


popps said...

wow - in the right place (your answer)!
try a harder one then :-)