Wednesday 19 November 2014

Gripe of the year.

Now some people may say that we here at Bitsnbobs (the blog with plurals) are cynics - a radio presenter in Hong Kong famously did so live on air a few years back -but i’m finding it hard to really appreciate the importance of dropping a satellite onto a lump of rock.

Ok, we/i admit that it is something far beyond the capabilities of anyone here in this office but having lived through the wonder of watching grainy black and white images of Neal stepping onto the surface of the moon over fifty years ago it is difficult to be too impressed.

Luckily the newspaper has published a handy and timely article entitled – ‘why you should get excited by Rosetta.’

In passing i/we cynically note that in 1969 the newspaper had no need to inform us that we should be excited, we were ALREADY and stayed up half the night to watch.

Also in passing w/i/e sigh in the adolescent memory of Rosetta Morgan who graced our collective primary school and colonised our memories.

Ah, Rosssssseta…

I met this guy today who ten years ago was part of the group that signed the contracts to send this satellite up to the rock – THEY were excited.

So I though maybe I SHOULD be, so I looked into it.

And I found that the whole thing has gone to sleep because it was lying on it’s side and in the shade.

And that’s that.

Blimey – I blinked – I missed it.

Then again the newspaper is suddenly full of articles and videos about one of the scientists shirts.

There seems to be more about the shirt than the comet.

I don’t remember Neil’s shirt.

But I remember Rossssssseta…..

The paper is full of loads of rubbish at the moment.

Wanna know how to make your legs longer?

And there’s a lot of crowd sourcing stuff going on.

Someone wants to drill a hole on the moon (don’t we all?) and they need money.

If you give them 60 quid you can help them to do it and in return they will drop something down the hole for you.

With a lot of other peoples hair – ooooh, icky ( a word not usually used here on Bitsnbobs).

I don’t know, call me cynical - a radio presenter in Hong Kong famously did so live on air a few years back – but when Robin Williams said ‘cocaine is god’s way of telling you that you are earning too much money’ I think he meant ‘funding self-tying shoelace crowd.’


Lesley FW said...

Any offers to kickstart my self righting satellite made from shoelaces project?

popps said...

Hmmmmmm, i don't know Lesley there's a lot of stuff out there competing you know, i could pay 60 quid and put my own shoelaces on the moon!

Lesley FW said...

Mortified, Moon now looks like it's covered in shoelaces, the magic has gone :(