Thursday 20 November 2014

Maybe yesterday wasn't the ONLY gripe of the year.

The other day this blog used a word that I thought I had made up – Vodcast.

It turns out that the word already exists.

Around the same time the newspaper published an article entitled – The Top Ten Words Invented by Writers..

Vodcast wasn’t on the list but I thought it was a neat co-incidence.

Something to write about maybe.

When you’re tired and uninspired.

And trying to maintain a daily drivel.

All with ‘of the year’ in the title – just to give the blog a ‘look’.

Blah, blah, blah blah.

I’ve been trying to get my son to do something.

I think I asked him to do this thing back at the beginning of September.

He still hasn’t done it.

It’s not very difficult; I mean, I’m not asking him to design a new rocket fuel or something.

I just want him to pick up a form, from the secretary that he walks past at least ten times a week.

It’s now November.

Almost over.

So this week I decided to send him a text every morning.

The text said 'Certificate.'

That was Monday morning.

Tuesday it was once early morning, once mid-day.

Wednesday I sent it five times.

Today I started at 6.45 am.






8.24, I was in a traffic jam by now.


Around 10.05 I was free again – not that the traffic jam was that long, I had done some gainful employment – but I couldn’t remember where I had got up to so I think I sent Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr again.

At about 5.00p.m. I gave up wherever I was, I think it was the second lot of Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-s

I just sent a ‘Certificate’.


Not a peep.

A pregnant-bloid.

A made up word, here meaning a black hole absence.

This blog likes making up words.

I had hoped that someone at the newspaper would have noticed.

The editor must be my son.

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