Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Pondering of the year.

see chicken man earlier this month

Trivia this, trivia that, it’s here, it’s there ….. it’s everywhere.

So this month this blog (bitsnbobs) has decided to have a theme of ‘trivia questions’.

Many have been posed; one has been answered (attempted).

Apparently the attempter is pondering.

I think you’ll agree that this clearly means that the attempter has a lot more interesting things going on.

Which is as it should be.

Besides, I’m not sure we need to answer any trivial question, I reckon half the fun is looking at the question and thinking – hmm, interesting.

Then getting on with something un-trivial.

Which all goes to show what a busy social life I must be having.

So, can you, without help from google or looking further up than in the sky, name three people who have stood on the moon?

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