Thursday, 30 October 2014

Picture trivia question of the year.

what's this?

Two days left of October, the smoky fires and falling leaves of November are edging around the corner and it’s time to wrap up both the neck (scarves) and this month of trivia questions here on the blog that has autumn (bitsnbobs).


There’s been an anagram, one about birds, one about a birthday and one about itself.

There’s been one using connections, another about lakes, one about the wind and one about the moon.

There was one that wasn’t.

A personal one, some answers, and two about swimming.

Then there was a multiple one, followed by a cryptic one and then a circular, never ending one.

There was a self-questioning question, another swimming one, an odd one out.

A rhetorical one that anyone can answer.

Or is that impossible?

That one.

A link to someone other’s, more than once, a sequence and an answer.

Something out of place.

A clock prediction linked to Cole Porter, a scrambled film dialogue and something missing to complete a set.

And there was a question about footprints.

On the moon.

But not a picture question.

So here it is.

Oh, yes, there was one more that was missed.


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