Tuesday 14 October 2014

Of the bush, of the year.

There I was at the river just the otherday, about to step into the water and the autumn leaves, when an old guy stepped out of the bushes and asked me – “are you mad?”

I assured him that I was - all the best people are - and he then asked – “ do you know what the difference between men and women is?”

I said that no I didn’t, but maybe it would be a good question for my blog as I was trying throughout October to have trivia questions as a theme.

“Are you mad?”  He asked for a second time, and I assured him again that I was. I went on to explain that the definition of ‘trivia question’ was pretty loose and that sometimes they were classic ones, sometimes more metaphysically trivial.

He sighed.

So, “what’s the difference?” I asked. I knew that I would have to have an answer if I was going to post it as a question.

“Women put their bags down on the ground and start dancing around them, men put their bags down on the ground and play football around them. Men like to look at the women dancing but the women don’t give a shit about football”, and then he disappeared into the bush from whence he had come.

Leaving me to swim in the cool waters thinking – is that sexist?



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