Sunday, 14 September 2014

Reefy oath.

And on the Seventh Day he rested.

Like Hell I did!

For a start my missus was going on about the garden. A lot of things can happen in six days if you don’t look after the plants up here; we have a fertile soil. The sunflowers were 6 feet tall and needed harvesting, the orchard was full of apples and needed picking - but I could get my daughter to do that - the worst thing was the Unicorn dung; the front yard was full of it.

Normally I would put it on the roses but I had been pretty busy for six days what with all the creating and that and the dung had piled up. And that had brought the flies in; Myself knows why I made them!

“Flies and Unis, spread diseases”, it was the wife, 5am on a sunny day.

“Unicorns, I called them Unicorns, it means they’ve only got one corn, please use their proper name, they’re sensitive.”

“They’ve only got one bum but judging by the pile of shit on my front step you’d think they had twenty, and if they trample it on my carpet I’ll have their guts for garters.”

And that’s why you don’t see them today.

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