Tuesday 23 September 2014

Rat of he.Ye!

During the summer the door of the house is open pretty much all of the time.

Even when it’s closed it is still open.

If you’re a shrew.

He, it may be a she, has found a way to slide under, run along the skirting board (impressive as there isn’t one) behind the cooker (there is) in between the bottles of emergency water (followthis link) and into the heaven that is the cats bowl full of granules.

The cat of course is outside the house trying to find other mice to bring in for me to step on in the morning as I rise from the bed.

After rising and washing my foot yesterday I decided, after chasing the shrew out (again), to vacuum the kitchen.

In mid under the table vacuum manoeuvre the head of the cleaner knocked against a grape that I had dropped there yestereve and said grape rolled across the kitchen floor, and thus the corner of my vision with an alarming speed.

Faster than a shrew.

More like a black widow spider about to strike.

I recovered and thought it prudent to attack the cobwebs just in case, that’s when I found the grasshopper hanging on the curtains.

Fair enough, the curtains are green but to reach this point of the house it had needed to hop not only through the open front door past the fridge but also across the hallway, down the step, past the shrew, into the living area, along the piano (I don’t know how I didn’t hear that) and up onto the windowsill.

When I threw him outside I found he could fly, so maybe it wasn’t all hopping.

There has been a cricket somewhere in the house.

It’s a fantastic song that he makes but it has been keeping me awake at nighttime.

I found him in the bathroom.

Autumn is closing the door.

I’m going to miss the company.

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