Monday 22 September 2014

Ear of they.

“Which one would you like?”

The white rabbit looked at the two photos on the table.

“You can choose.”

Her name was Elizabeth – she was ten years old and she was in the centre of one of the photos wearing a white dress and a pink ribbon tied around her waist.

The photo was black and white but he knew the ribbon was pink.

The white rabbit saw himself in the photo, over to one side.

He was standing between the lion and the unicorn and he was holding a loaf of brown bread.

You couldn’t see in the photo that he had hollowed out the inside of the loaf and eaten it.

He looked at the second photo, you couldn’t see the hollowed out bread in that one either and you couldn’t see Elizabeth either.

He had played chess once with Elizabeth.

It was the closest he had ever been to her.

She had won the game, and he had been happy.

But she never played with him again.

She never spoke to the white rabbit.

She spent all her time with those two fat kids.

T-du and T-de.

He had wanted to be one of the fat kids.

But his friend the unicorn was too tall.

“Photo A or Photo B?”

He wondered if anyone had chosen the other photo.

Maybe the goat had?

The goat had been the ticket collector.

Like the ticket collector the white rabbit was 10 years old too.

When you are 10 your heart can break just as easily as when you are 20.

In the second photo there was an imposter.

Only Elizabeth should have been Alice.

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