Sunday, 1 June 2014

Bob's Boxes 1 - a special feature of the year

originally published on The Guardian Website

Only yesterday Bob walked into the editorial offices here at Bitsnbobs, said he had somewhere to keep a lot of cardboard boxes and before you could say ‘Bob’s your new archivist’ he was back off to Scotland happy as a lark.

Today he sent us this photo, said that he found it in one of the boxes, thought it was funny that the world recorder sprint man had raced against a bus and probably got paid for it too and how it reminded him of the day he had to run for the bus because he had missed it and he could see it disappearing along Oxford Street.

He lived in London at the time.

He asked us if we thought there was a ‘universalism’ in running for buses.

We asked him if he meant by ‘universalism’ that it was part of all our collective subconscious, and he replied that he did.

So we said yes.

And he said so maybe it was worth putting on the blog.

And we said maybe.

And he said – “hey, if you like I could go through the boxes and select some stuff that you could post this month”.

And we asked if we could call it Bob’s Boxes, and he said yes; so then we asked if we needed to be around or if he thought he could do it on his own if we gave him a few computer codes, and he again said yes.

So we have.

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