Tuesday 4 February 2014

A first trip of the year (11)

not nick's

“I’ll never forget the day of the courgette curry”.

Nick is speaking.

I’m listening.

probably neither
Nick is in Bristol.

I’m in Bristol.

I’m buying an Indian take-away.

Nick was born in Uganda.

I wasn’t.

One wall of his shop is an abstract piece of artwork painted by a local graffiti artist.

The graffiti artist is a customer of Nick’s.

Two nicks in Bristol.

Next door to Nick’s Nick place, there’s a restaurant, I ate there last night.

Yum, it was brilliant.

I had haggis.

Bristol is full of surprises.

Ok, it was Burn’s night the other night, but Bristol is a long way from Scotland.

So am I.

But it was the best haggis I have ever eaten. 
a nick bit


Anne Hodgson said...

Nick's graffiti is very elegant http://instagram.com/p/j2etsSlb5Z/

Anonymous said...

Best haggis
Best coriander chutney
Best Bristol Birthday

popps said...

Best company!