Monday 3 February 2014

A first trip of the year (10)

peering into the past

Pete probably used to stand outside Andy’s bedroom and shout “come on!, get up!”

His dad probably did the same for him.

Today Andy stand’s outside Ruby’s bedroom and shouts “Come on ! Get up!”

inside, so it wasn't
I’m in Ruby’s bed.

Ruby isn’t.

She’s next door in Ellie’s bed.

Ellie is in Birmingham.

Her bed is in London.


I was, so I got up. 

“Ruby’s in there” I mumbled and went downtstairs to make some T.

And that gave me time to think.

And I thought about the two piers, one in Hastings and one in Eastbourne.

The two were separated by about an hour plus a visit to my aunt where t and cake had been consumed.

The pier in Hastings has been consumed, by fire, since the last time I visited.

It remains as a mangled wreck of iron on stilts jutting out into the sea, the entrance barricaded.

It will probably never be restored.

The pier in Eastbourne needs a bit (restoration) has some (new floor boards at the entrance) and is beautiful.

Oh, and it’s windy. 

When you visit the south coast in England this is how it’s meant to be – windy.

Windy with fish and chips.

On the pier you have a choice – fish and chips at the Chippy at the entrance of the pier, or cream tea (scone, jam, cream, tea) in the Victorian Tea Rooms in the middle.

Or both.


Anne Hodgson said...

Eastbourne Pier looks very beautiful. Does it sway or vibrate in the wind? What are the stilts a pier stands on called?

It's so sad when beautiful buildings are taken by fire. But aybe a champion will come along to salvage the Hastings one.

popps said...

The good news, and it is coming to this blog in a very few days, is that a champion and many champions HAVE come along.
As for the stilt things i think stilt things is quite good, i personally like the word stanchion even if it's not correct.
Then there's pile jetting?
Yep, stilts is good.