Thursday 2 January 2014

Review of The Year (2013)

It’s all over …. it’s about to begin.

Review of the Year 2013 – short version.

Long version.

It was weird – on January 13th, after two consecutive years of uninterrupted daily posts, Bitsnbobs announced what had already been happening -  a sabbatical, no posts all year except on Sundays, and then only Thoughts of the Day.

But Bitsnbobs had already changed their collective minds and had been (and continued to) posting everyday...... but just Elsewhere.

People stopped coming to the blog and those who did never saw beyond the first page, despite many a hint and a clear labelling of the four pages of posts 2,0,1,3 respectively.

I think I even added an exclamation mark to point the way under a title – ‘search and you will find’.

Of course there is always an exception, her name is Mary and she discovered the first of the hidden posts in the first week of January.

So… during the year, among the usual rag taggle of original photo content, there were five extensive (30-ish) photo essays.

In June to Venice.

In August to London.

And in October there was a second photo essay of London but this time in alternating colours and black and white.

Always on the look out for cutting edge content Bitsnbobs offered three concert reviews - Bruce Springsteen in Padova, Bruce again (also a Springsteen) in Paris and The Rolling Stones in London.

In 2013 we mourned the passing of Ms Penny – a Bitsnbobs stalwart, whom will be hard to replace and because of her we were able to dip into the archives thrice – In June we travelled through The Tunnels of Time, then In September for The Siftings and in November we filtered The Flotsam and Jetsam.

Thought of The Day suddenly had a thought and decided to invent a whole load of new words and use them, Bitsnbobs first contribution to the English Literary Cannon.

Talking of Literary Cannons we also had the serialised version of the unwritten novel with no name that came to a fitting finish on October 31st –a day when souls don’t rest.

Mary, a Bitsnbobs consultant and cause celebre, was very quiet on whether anything constituted a ‘post of the year’  - something she usually decides before spring has really sprung so in that void the committee that isn’t has chosen this - File with Pink Spots.

And it was all wrapped it up with another Christmas Musical Advent Calendar Thingy that may or may not be an annual event.

And may or may not be registered copyrighted and inc(INK)ed.

quiz of the year 2013/14 here see Jan 1st for details

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