Wednesday 1 January 2014

QUIZ OF THE YEAR (and an extra to the Bitsnbobs Musical Advent Calendar Thingy 2013)


Happy New Year.

Here it is - The Quiz of The Year 2013/14!!!!!

Now, some people have found The Bitsnbob's Quizzes  of the Year a bit difficult. Some have tried to complete theme in a state of inibriation. Some even found it impossible when it consisted of only ONE question!

But no-one has EVER complained about the GRAND PRIZE.

And this year there is a choice of GRAND PRIZE (see question ten)!

The Flowers or The Dragonfly?

The first -  two beautiful, festively wrapped full headed tea flowers (green and jasmine).

The second - a very elegant, not festively wrapped, stainless steel dragonfly fridge magnet.

All you have to do is click on this link and answer the questions.

To help you ...

- use the search function within the blog.
- remember the "Spot the Ball Competitions"
- rest easy that only posts posted in 2013 are relevant (sometimes the search will throw up a previous year).
- 'Quiz of the year' used in the search function MAY be useful.
- there are no trick questions but some are tricky.
- my grandmother could do this quiz.


Anonymous said...

Love your photo - cant find a search engine love you see you soon xxx
Thank you for the music and the songs Im singing
Thanks for all the joy they're bringing

popps said...

Top left corner of the blog, where the symbol of the magnifying glass is - ask your son to show you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Half of me is proud to announce I do not have a magnifying glass on my blog on my computer and HARRY whiz of computer geniousness says I don't have one QED
I may search myself in a moment of unemployment which may just be upon me xxx

Anonymous said...

Half of me wishes my computer and skills were more so
NO one should eat possibly poison mushrooms and wear a rubber suit

popps said...

are you and Harry sure?
Cos i just checked on another computer and it was there again
in the blue band above the title?

popps said...

Anyways, i've added another one beneath my New Year photo.