Sunday 10 November 2013

The Flotsam and Jetsam Thought of The Day - The Honneylers.

You know those pink shoes, Wilma’s shoes?

I do.

Well, the heel broke so when I took Loui to the dentists on Friday I thought I’d try to find a , a, you know.

A cobblers?

Yeah, a cobblers. And guess what?


We went to a dentists recommended by Lucy, and there in the same street there was a , er, you know.

A cobblers?

A cobblers! And it was an amazing shop. The guy was playing jazz music and the shop was just so full of, er, er….


Stuff! Shoes, bags, belts, buckles, straps ……. … honey.


Yeah, I think he keeps bees.


Yeah. Anyway, I asked him if he could mend the heel.

Could he?



So I told him how important they were, for a show, and he said he could maybe put a new heel on. But it wouldn’t be pink.


But that’s ok, I can put pink suede on it.

Of course.

And he said he could maybe put the same heel on the other one too.

But it wouldn’t be pink.

Yes, so he said come in next week and he would show me all the heels he has.

So you have to go back next week?


Get some honey.


Anonymous said...

Feeling a bit of a heel
hoping to heal
time for some honey toast x

popps said...

Feeling a bit of a heel/
That's a very, very old saying!
one i haven't heard for yonks!
But i'm glad you took time to say it, happy toast.