Saturday 9 November 2013

The Flotsam and Jetsam - Empty Handed.

It’s autumn.

The man picks up a bunch of autumn leaves for the woman.


The man knows that the woman likes trees.

And the colour of these leaves, yellows mainly – but so many – will make her smile.

The man would like to make her smile.

The woman is smiling in the picture that the man keeps in his pocket.

So he puts them next to the photo and carries them home.

He imagines putting them in an envelope, kissing a stamp and posting it.

Then the man stops..

He stands still under the oak trees that grow on the banks of the river, where each day he walks.

The wind is soft.

The air sweet, the smell of nuts rises from the ground.

The leaves above watch him; some fell gently against his thoughts.

Will the leaves still hold this tumble of yellow when the woman opens the envelope so, so far away?

Or will she find something the colour of the earth where all dreams finally expire?

Will she even be interested? There are acres of these trees where she lives.

He imagines her walking beneath them too.

So he lays the treasure back on the ground, next to the puddle where the rains of last week wait for salvation.

And he walks home empty handed.

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