Friday, 29 November 2013

The Flotsam and The Jetsam - One Night.

Picture this.



A narrow street near the river, the buildings on each side close and tall.

The paving cobbled.

You are upstream from the bar, you are sleeping.

It’s 2.28 am.

Most people are sleeping.


But not Andrew.

Nor David.

Nor Nico.

Only three of them?

It sounded like 300.

How can it take so long, so SO long for three drunks to walk past this non-double glazed window?

I think Andrew was lying on the ground somewhere, David was steaming ahead and Nico only of capable of staggering sideways, effectively staying in one spot and repeatedly crashing into the waste bins.

Their only way to communicate was screams.

I’m not a violent man.


If I had had a gun under my pillow……

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