Saturday 30 November 2013

The Flotsam and The Jetsam - Before The Snows of Winter Fall.

He found her Christmas present on the 17th October, lying amongst a scattering of Autumn’s first fall.

He knew it was hers instantly and so he picked it up, cradling it carefully in his hands and took it home.

He showed it to a woman on the train.

“A heart” she said.

He placed it between pages 1130 and 1131 of the book he was slowly reading and he hoped that the colours wouldn’t fade in November.

Yellow and rust, speckled with a shading of green where a fin would be.

Because it looked like a fish.


An eye watching and a mouth smiling.

He closed the book and carried it with him each day.

At nights when he opened the pages to read he would turn and look between 1130 and 1131.

He couldn’t say if the colours were staying, if change was there it was incremental, but the leaf was becoming thinner like the paper pages that held it.

As the membrane stiffened and dried the heart became clearer.

His bookmark was between page 757 and 756 so he wondered if he would reach page 1130 before Christmas time.

The book is not a love story but on page 757 a man is searching for the woman he loves.

The woman is searching for him too.

And she loves him.

But they have not seen each other for over twenty years and the last time was when they were both at Primary school.

Love endures.

As he reads he hopes that the leaf endures.

It’s her Christmas Present and he knew as soon as he saw it.

Lying among the discarded thoughts of Autumn.

In the book, she is looking for him.

He, is looking for her.

He starts to read faster, skipping past the words that hold them apart – he wants them to be together before the snows of winter fall.

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