Monday, 9 September 2013

September's Siftings - Two Moons in the Rain.


I’m reading.


Q-uite a big book – one thousand three hundred and eighteen pages.


No, listen silly, one thousand three hundred and eighTEEN pages!



Because I like reading, because I need a new book, because I finally found myself AND the complete trilogy in the same shop at the same time and in the same language – albeit translated from Japanese in the case of the latter.


By Haruki Murakami, a writer last mentioned here, here.

I’m at page 284 today.

I’m in a car, the back (open) facing the sea. It’s raining; I hear thunder and no longer the waves in which I was swimming two hours, a walk and a chapter ago.

The book’s chapters have, so far, alternated  - maybe oscillated – between the two main characters; one I like, the other disturbs me a little, probably because she is violent, or full of rage.

But I’m fascinated.

I am not racing through this book – I pick it up, read a chapter, put it down and go off and do something.

Right now I’m thinking of swimming in the rain – I don’t recall having ever done that before.

But the book waits.

The characters wait.

A tale is unfolding slowly, on page 283 the two worlds of the two characters begin to merge.

Through the grace of two moons.

The book feels like a home.

A place where these two people reside and each time I knock on the door they welcome me in and I learn a little more.

I haven’t read like this before.

I have never swum in the Mediterranean Sea in the rain before.

There’s a first time for everything – if you choose.

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