Friday, 8 June 2012

That's it!

Well that’s it isn’t it?!

Is it just bad luck that comes in threes or is it true of omens too?

It’s Friday and I’m thinking about Wednesday morning and this clearly isn’t going to be a great post because Mary left a comment saying that Wednesday's post was the best of the year and that sort of pressure just leads to me writing a mess for the next six months, trying, striving and failing.

Still, it’s better than last year when she said the best was May 4th! We had to endure a whole month more of me bumping around in the pits of creativity!

I’ll have to give her an opportunity at the END of each year…..

It’s not going to be a great day either.

I can tell.

It all began on Wednesday morning when I got up before sunrise so that I could watch Venus’s transit of the sun, the last hour of which was due to happen in the eastern morning skies of my garden.

Probably elsewhere too as the world’s press did not greet me.

It was cloudy.

It remained cloudy with false suggestion of hope for the next hour, until it settled into forget it.

I saw NOTHING and by mid day, although fully at work, I was a sleep deprived zombie.

This (above) was my picture of the event.

Here is Nasa’s.   

Clearly I see all of this as a deep omen.

This suspicion was confirmed when my phone rang at 8.30 in the evening.

“Are you almost home?”

“Yep, twenty minutes”.

“Are you hungry”

“Starving!” – I had eaten my lunch at 11 and I had deliberately NOT stopped at the supermarket for fruit, NOR at the service station and bought an ice cream or chocolate, NOR at the late opening boulangerie for an onion quiche, and certainly NOT at the place that offers Tip Top Pizza – though I was very, very, very tempted.

At EACH occasion.

It’s just that I didn’t want my spoilt appetite to spoil any meal that anyone else might have prepared.

“I don’t know what to cook.”


“There is what you ate for lunch.”

“I ate it.” And added - “I’ll cook something when I get there.”

Maybe I should turn back? The ice cream was a long way away now but Tip Top Pizza was close.


I’d been in the car for over an hour, I was grumpy, tired, still suffering from the dawn disappointment – one of my failings is that I hold disappointment for too long.

Still, WHEN I drop it I’m pretty good.

At least there had been no cat pooh on the kitchen tiles this morning though!

I drove on.

I thought, I’ll eat that box of strawberries I bought in the market and then get drunk – that way I won’t think about hunger.

Or anything in fact.

I parked at the side of the meadow that is next to the house.

The sun, devoid of any traces of Venus was beginning to set, not a cloud in the sky.

“Why couldn’t you have been like this at morning rise?” I asked. “Now I’ll have to wait until 2117!”

The sun stared back like I was insignificant and said nothing.

I walked into the house.

“Dinner’s ready!”

20 minutes? This should be good…..

Spaghetti with……...

When I saw it I couldn’t prevent myself from laughing.

It was the colour.

And the constituency.

The laughter was reciprocated but i got told NOT to take a picture!

But… you know what those tiles in the kitchen can look like some mornings?

In houses with cats.


Mary said...

Well - that's it then. Shall keep my comments to myself from now on ... NOT!

If every second of our lives was the best, and every idea and every word we imagined was excellent, then what how would we be able to appreciate or distinguish the high from the lows, or give texture to our lives.

Wait til the end of the year to celebrate something wonderful when it happens? I'm too old for that. Today is all I've got. I say -- Carpe Diem and the rest be damned!

You didn't have to see the transit of Venus to be affected by it.

V knew you were watching.


popps said...

Hmmmm, this is the we have to suffer first theory?