Monday, 25 June 2012


It’s night time.

Late enough here that you are fast asleep.

The night is mild.

The sky is clear.

Around me – I am outside – the crickets sing.

Above me – I am looking – the stars are everywhere.


You can not imagine how much of everywhere they fill.

The meadow, which I can’t see, has been cut - but I can smell the grass that has been bundled and spiralled into hay stacks.

The stacks are full of wild flowers and  together the smell is intoxicating.

If I were a beast I would want to eat this hay.

But if I were a beast you wouldn’t come and sit with me.

Which is what I would really like.


Anonymous said...

olive tree and a lemon tree
beastly beautiful twists of the olive tree and the intoxicating smell of lemons
in between hangs a hammock with this beast writing beautiful blogs

popps said...

Olive AND lemon!
Unfair, unfair!
Mine is strung from mighty oak and broken tree house.