Sunday, 24 June 2012

A (greasy!) Thought of The Day.

Yes I wrote it.

You wrote it!! Do you know what this means!?

Of course! It means that very shortly – at the end of the month – I’ll be taking a long walk through forest, over mountain and along valley until I reach the sea. There I will wait until low tide, then look for the old fisherman’s hut hidden within the labyrinth of caves below the tumbling cliffs. All being well I will then meet Mrs Penny and I’ll give her something forgotten that I will only remember at that very moment.


Ah, yes – but do you know what it means for me?!


Yes, me! Us and Thought of The Day?!!!.

You can have a break. A holiday.

I don’t have any money.

A virtual holiday.

A virtual holiday?

Yes, lie back and imagine where you would like to be.



Nothing – look Thought of The Day is meant to be an EVERY Sunday Sunday-special. My readers will complain.

Are there any?

Maybe. Mary perhaps.

Invite her on holiday with you.

I did. She said it was virtually.


Virtually impossible.

Anyway, I won’t be here and you can hardly have this sort of conversation on your own – remember what happened the last time you tried.

You said you wouldn’t mention that again.

Sorry. Say – why don’t you come with me?

To the archives?


Is it dangerous?

A little.

What will we do about the brackets?

The brackets?

Yes – the (brackets). Or – “(brackets)”.


They’ll be on holiday too.

Is that ok?

I don’t know, but there is an alternative.

There is?

Yes, we can go off to the archives together AND try to leave the brackets in place for each of the Sundays that you/we are absent.

A challenge!

Well sort of… anyway are you coming?

It’s not anywhere near Greece is it?


Anonymous said...

greasy ities....?

Anne Hodgson said...

Enjoy your time off. Thinking of doing France in August, along with many million French. I loved Auvergne, Province, Burgundy when I was there at 16, 17. We want to walk, bike, camp, paddle and swim. Any recommendations?

Anne Hodgson said...

Meant "Provence". Spelling before first coffee...

popps said...

My meadow Anne!
It has everything!
Even bad spellling!
And great coffee.
wnen are you coming?