Tuesday 12 June 2012

Day Two!

 I’m on day two of me being cool (see yesterday).


To be honest….

Ok, in fact I’m on HOUR two of my new being cool demeanour, as I’m writing this a sparse 120 minutes after yesterday’s post.

But I wanted to share my last night’s dream.

In which the following slogan appeared.

“There’s a thin line between recycling and wearing dirty socks.”


Mary said...

A few of the recent photos are not easily identifiable as to location so my guesses are:

June 9 -- OFF-Centre Court at The French Open

June 10 -- Osama Bin Laden's compound in Abatabad, Pakistan

June 12 -- The Spanish Steps -- not the ones in Italy but the ones in Spain.

Am I correct? No?


popps said...

come off it mary!
they are all on the memory chip in my camera!

Anonymous said...


Are you being coy or are you saying that you don't remember? -- or perhaps you're working for MI-5 and can't divulge your comings and goings?

Numbering my photos doesn't work for me but must give them a name and an approx. date. Worst of all, I find it hard to keep track of the memory cards. They are so small.

popps said...

It's the new me-being-cool!

And it's me saying "i'm going to write a whole post about that the day after tomorrow".

P.s. i also work for MI5-and-a-half

Mary said...

MI5-and-a-half. Now that's cool.


popps said...

Half cool!

Anonymous said...

Who else is anonymous ? Im confused not cool

Mary said...

Dear Anonymous:

Mystery solved. It was just me pressing the 'Publish your Comment' button too soon.

Very uncool of me.